Urban Classics Ladies High Waist Straight

Urban Classics Ladies High Waist Straight Slit Denim Pants tintedlightbluewashed - 27

Equipped with fancy dividing seams on front and back as well as with matching pockets, these trendy women's denims are original eye-catchers. The pockets on the front are lined straight, yet sit a little lower than regular, while the back offers two patch pockets with yokes. Thanks to the almost calf-high slits on the back of the legs the women's jeans are slightly flared. They are made of cotton and a small amount of elastane, which is responsible for the comfortable fit. The jeans sit high on the waist. Farba: tintedlightbluewashed Zloženie: Shell Fabric 1: 98% Cotton 2% Elastane, Stretch Denim 9,5 oz., 320 gsm

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