Spigen Optik.tr ez Fit Camera Protector Apple iPhone 14/14 Plus Black [2 PACK]

32,00 € Uvedená cena je platná k 28.05.2023
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Tempered glass with a revolutionary installation method - if you have been terrified about this aspect with tempered glass until now, your problems have just been solved! The tempered glass has been secured with a perfectly cut mounting frame, thanks to which you will perfectly position the glass. The manufacturer has simplified the installation method to such an extent that it is fully intuitive for any user. Optik tr. is a camera lens cap made of tempered glass from Spigen, the perfect protection for this part of the device. The glass fully covers the camera sections and provides protection against scratches and breakage. The main features of Spigen Optik.tr ez Fit Camera Protector: excellent protection high transparency oleophobic coating easy installation